50,-Cardiac exercise test. For sport fans of any age.

10,-Spirography. Lung function assessment.



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Tervise Centrum has opened a new sports medicine office in the Kadriorg district of Tallinn, at Johan K├Âler street, and wellcomes athletes, or active individuals who are simply looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle to find out more about one's health.

Cardiac stress test

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Cardiac stress test procedure is meant for the sport-addicted ones, who are eager to get some notable acievements. This test results in some information that is important for choosing optimal level of physical exercise, avoid overtraining and reach one's best shape.




Step-test is held to find out the level of physical fitness. It is used to analyse (by the means of a computer program) the limits of aerobic and anaerobic metabolism, limits of allowable puss value. The exercise heart rate from the test is used to evaluate the functional condition of the cardio-vascular and respiratory systems.


Cardiologist consultation


We are glad to inform our webpage visitors that now they can get a qualified cardiologist consultation, do an EKG, blood analysis, get a recipe or a medical referral without having to wait for one's turn for month and at a very competitive price!

A lso we strongly recommend to men reading this to pay a prophylaxy visit to a cardiologist.